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WhatsApp Assistant
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On August 11, 2017
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WhatsApp is a most popular Messaging App. This is because of its simple design and regular updates by its Developers.
There are many Assistants like Siri, Google, Cortana, and Alexa. If you loved any one of those you will love WhatsApp Assistant also.
Actually, WhatsApp Assistant is a Chat Bot, An intelligent AI based Assistant.

Features of WhatsApp Assistant
  • It displays Latest news.
  • Do Calculations.
  • Thought of the Day.
  • Currency Rates.
  • Wikipedia.
  • Get definition and pretty much everything!.


So, How you can Enable WhatsApp Assistant?

First of All, save these three numbers on your Smartphone.
1. Assistant1 : +91 8015984514
2. Assistant2 : +91 7397739604
3. Assistant3 : +91 9042068491

Now Create a group of these three and you.

You can use following Keywords to ask anything from these Assistants.

1. Search on Wikipedia – wiki KEYWORD
Example: Wiki India.

2. Get definition – Search KEYWORD
Example: Search SUNSHINE.

3. Do Calculation – Calc KEYWORD
Example: Calc 6*6.

4. Get Weather Condition of any region – Weather KEYWORD
Example: Weather DELHI.

5. Get Train Status – Status(Train NO.)
Example: Status(Train 12456).

6. Get Stock Price – Stock Price(Finance KEYWORD)
Example: Stock Price(Finance GOOG).

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