Facebook Group - A great source of traffic for your Blog


You must be using Facebook to connect with your friends.
Some of you may be using Facebook pages to promote your business or to get traffic to your blog. 
But what if I tell you that there is one more thing on Facebook to get traffic. Facebook Group, ya you hear it correct. You can get a huge traffic to your blog or site as it attracts more relevant people then Pages.

Facebook Group

What's wrong with Facebook Page?

Facebook Page is for your brands, businesses or for celebrities. You must be having one for your blog to get traffic but answer me a question 
"How much Likes, Reach & Engagement are you getting on your Facebook page post? You must be having 1oK, 100K or even 1M likes on your Facebook page, but are you getting  Reach & Engagement in accordance to your page likes?"
If your answer is big NO and then I can answer, why?

But if your answer is YES, then I will say Facebook Group with your Page will form a great combination. And you will get a huge traffic for your blog or site.

Google India

This is Official Post of Google on its Facebook page and it only gains 131 likes in a time period of 7 days.

Why less Engagement on Facebook Page?

Facebook algorithm (which decides to whom your post will be shown) depends not only on number of likes you have on your Facebook page, but there are many other factor also which decides how your new post will be shown in news feed to other people. 
Such as your post quality, peoples engagement on your previous post and many other factor. 
Even if your post is shown to other people in news feed then there is a very few chance that user will show your post. As according to Pew Research Center, an average Facebook user have 338 friends and people always want to hear from their friends, not from some brand or business.
So it is very tough to get traffic to a blog or site using Facebook page unless you are a celebrity or a very popular brand from which people want to hear.

Why you should use Facebook Group?

Facebook Groups allow people to come together around a common cause, discuss issues, post photos and share related content. 
In short Group is a collection of people who share a common interest. 
When you share something on a Facebook Group it get more likes, reach and engagement since it is shared among people who really want to hear. Some people also believes that "when Admin of Facebook Group share something on it, then most of the group member get notification and their post get more reach and more engagement".
You can create Facebook Group for any topic about which people want to hear. You can also create the Facebook Group with sub-topics of your Facebook page.
Suppose you own a Fashion blog then you can create a group for its Sub Topic such as "Fashion for Children's" or "Style Trends" and add members that really want to know about Children's Fashion or Style trend. 
Since you only have relevant people in your group, there is a huge chance that more people will visit your site and increase traffic to your blog.

Android Tutorial Group
Image of Learn Android App Development Facebook Group.

Creating a Facebook Group

You can create a new Facebook Group from a "Create Group" option in drop down menu on Facebook web. 
Then give a most suitable name and set privacy setting for your group.
You can also create a Facebook group using your mobile just download Facebook Groups app or using Facebook App.
Once you have created a group you can change its Cover Photo so that relevant users were attracted.
Also give a brief description of your group and add relevant tags.

Tips to get members for your Facebook Group

Creating a Facebook Group is not enough to get traffic to your site but you have to do more. You can follow below tips to get relevant member for your group.
  1. Share your Facebook Group on your timeline and your page.
  2. Share your group on other related group if group admins allow this.
  3. Invite your friends who may want to join your group.
  4. Ask your friend to invite their friend to join your group.
  5. Post regularly on your group and always reply to members comment.
  6. Add a link to your group on your site and your visitors to join your Facebook group.
Please comment below how Facebook Group helps you in building a traffic for your site or blog and share this post with your friends. 

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  1. Nice Post and one more thing that you can post on other group also to get traffic to your Blog.

    1. Thanks Paul and you can post on other group also but I will recommend you to first ask to admin whether he or she allows other site promotion or not.

  2. We can also use groups to get more likes to our fb page and posts.

    1. Shiva you can use facebook groups to get more likes but its not a good practice and facebook may ban you, if you do it in large amount.