Top 10 Google Apps you must have on your Smartphone


Today I will share a list of Top 10 Google Apps that you must have on your Android Smartphone. These apps will make your life easier, and help you get the most out of your Android device.
TOP 10 Google Apps

You must be having number of Apps on your Android Smartphone but there are always some selected apps which you used the most. Also the evergreen apps which are your all time favorite. These apps may be Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger etc. But after reading this article these 10 Google Apps will be in your favorite list.

Top 10 Google Apps

Let’s start with the list of Top 10 Google Apps for you Android Smartphone, I haven’t listed some apps which are pre-installed on you Android Smartphone such as Gmail, Chrome, Drive, Google Plus etc.

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Inbox by Gmail

INBOX by Gmail is an alternate option for Gmail and Number one on the list of Top 10 Google Apps. You must have INBOX as it arrange our mails in categories such as Finance, Updates, Social, Promos, and Saved etc. You further also have options to Pin, Done or Snooze a mail.
Whether you are a Blogger, Entrepreneur or even College Student you must use INBOX by Gmail to read you mails. It will surely change your experience of reading mails and you will love this app as you get important information even without opening mail.
INBOX by Gmail is also available on web @


Google Keep

Google Keep is on number two in the list of Top 10 Google Apps you Must-Have. Keep allows you to capture what’s on your mind and get reminder. On Google Keep you can create notes, list, drawing and voice memo etc.
Google Keep also provides you an option to share with your friends and organize your items by color and labels.
You can also use Google Keep on web @


Google FIT
Google Fit is a Fitness Tracking app which helps you to stay aware about your health. Google Fit App automatically logs when you run, walk, or cycle. You can check calories burned, time & distance traveled on Google Fit App and compare your fitness with your friends.
You can also track your Fitness on web @


Google Gesture Search
Google Gesture Search App allows you to quickly access contacts, installed apps and music etc just by drawing letters and numbers.


Google Goggles
Google Goggles is an App which allows you to search by taking pictures. You just have to take a picture of painting, product, company logo, QR code and Google Goggles will give you information.
Google Goggles not only allows you to search via picture but also allows you to translate text from picture and add contact from business card.
With this app you only have to take picture rest Google will do for you.


Google Translate
There are over 100 languages in this world and it is not possible to learn all, at least not for me. So how can we read other language, to do that we have Google Translate App that allows you to translate texts, pictures and even your hand written texts. Translate App also allows inter app translation.
Also available on web @


Google Now Launcher
Google Now Launcher allows you to arrange application in a simple A-Z list. Google Now launcher also allows you to group Apps in a folder and search installed apps.
Being a simple and clean launcher it allows you to easily recognize installed apps  and you can access Google Now cards just by a simple slide.


Google Photos
Google Photos arrange your photos and videos by time and place they are taken. Also allows you to search your photos and videos via places and things that appear in them.
Google Photos allows you to easily edit your photos and share with your friends.
You can access Google Photos on web @


Google Docs, Sheets, Slides

Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides are three apps which allow you to create, design & manage your document files, presentation and sheets. These three Google apps also allow you to edit with others at same time.
Comments and Automatic file saving makes these three apps more reliable and flexible.
These apps can also be accessed on web @, &


Google Voice Access
Voice Access is on number 10 on the list of Top 10 Google Apps and it allows you to control your mobile even without touching. Currently Google Voice Access is under development but you can download this app from Play Store through early access.

Hope you like this list of Top 10 Google Apps you Must-Have.
Remember to comment your favorite Google App below.

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