How to Enable Google Assistant on Android Lollipop based Smartphones


When I Enable Google Assistant on my Android Lollipop based Smartphone, Number of my friends asked me - How to Enable former on their Android Smartphone.
Enable Google Assistant
So, Here is a brief article on How to enable Google Assistant on Android Lollipop based Smartphone.

About Google Assistant

Google Assistant was announced in Google IO 2016 and Initially comes pre-installed on Google Pixel Smartphone only but as time passes Google make this service to be available for Apple iPhone users and Android 6.0+ users.

I am damn sure you are excited to enable Google Assistant on your Smartphone as It may answer your all questions If not all at least some.

Today, I will share a method to Enable Google Assistant on Lollipop Android Smartphones. But, Before moving ahead let me explain - What we are going to do?

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How will we enable Google Assistant?

Assistant is already available in the latest version of Google App but Google Officially allows its use on Devices running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above only. 

So, Here I will use third party app to launch Google Assistant on Android Lollipop.

Here we will use third party App to Enable Google Assistant.

Steps to Enable Google Assistant

STEP 1: Update Google App to its latest version.

STEP 2: Download Google Assistant App and Install it. You may need to enable installation for unknown sources.

STEP 3: Now perform any task using this Google Assistant App to enable it.

STEP 4: Change default Voice input method to Google Assistant. for this go to Languages & input then Voice input.

STEP 5: Launch Google Assistant by long pressing the home button. If you are unable to launch Assistant by this method, You can create shortcut icon using Nova Launcher.

Hope now, Google Assistant will answer all your questions and If by chance you were unable to get Google Assistant you can comment below or contact me on twitter @iVishalMalik.

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