Make any Earphone wireless for Just ₹100 using a Bluetooth Adapter


If you want to make your wired earphone wireless then you are at a right place.

Using this method you can make any Speaker containing device wireless. Like: Music System of your car or Home Theater System or Even you can use this method to play songs wirelessly on your TV.

To make your wired earphone wireless we will use a Bluetooth device So you may not get the same quality of sound as before. But for short distance, this difference is not that much.

This device has its own battery which can be charged with the help of your Smartphone's charger also.

4 Steps to make your earphone wireless.

Step 1: Get a Bluetooth Adapter - Purchase a Bluetooth Adapter from Amazon using this link. Price for one Adapter may lie from ₹100 to as high as ₹1,500. Also, Make sure that you get a 3.5 mm AUX cable so that it can be used for the variety of devices.

Step 2: Connect Bluetooth Adapter to your Earphone - Now connect your Bluetooth Adapter to your Earphone or to Music System of your car using a 3.5 mm AUX Cable. You may need to charge this device before use.

Step 3: Pair with your Smartphone - Now Search for this Bluetooth device using your Smartphone and confirm connection by pressing the button on the Adapter.

Step 4: Enjoy - Now enjoy your beloved songs wirelessly. Also, remember to SHARE this post with your friends and Comment which Bluetooth Adapter you are going to purchase.
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